Bad supervisior

So my usual supervisor Tony is pretty cool when it comes to handling shit. But this other supervisor steve is a huge ass dick. He thinks being a supervisor is all about being an ass to everyone. But especially me. I know people think that they’re being singled out but my other co workers are like dude steve is always on your ass. I’m like I know right. But yea I was on my lunch break and he comes up to me and asks are you on lunch and I’m like yea. Then he says why? All pissed off. I told him I was hungry and it’s my time to go. Then he said well you didn’t tell anyone,I said yes I told you but you had your headphones on. Then he said well you didn’t have anyone cover you and before I could tell him that no one is qualified, and has clearance to do my job. He said all pissed off, Eli don’t try and talk to me like a sucker cuz I’m not I suggest you get back to work before you end up jobless, I’m sitting there like Wow really bro. And my coworkers are like wtf. And i can’t do anything cuz his best friend is the manager and he only believes steve’s side of the story. So yea I can’t wait til he gets fuckin demoted so I can cat daddy his ass

  1. whorgyflo said: Caatt Daaaddyy!! What a douche :/
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